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Japan First Ozu Castle Stay, Starting April 24th, 2020

Stay at the Castle
Japan’s first lodging experience on a timber keep
Castle stays in Europe abound. Most of these spaces have seen retrofits and conversions to host visitors. Here in Ozu, much care has been taken to leave the castle unspoiled while offering the best available hospitality. Ozu Castle was partially abandoned during the Meiji era. However, through donations and engagements of local residents its past glory could be restored, using original materials and techniques. Our pledge is to respect and add value to these noble commitments.
Furthermore, this gives guests the opportunity to feel as if they traveled back in time and to experience firsthand the Edo period. A scene re-enacting the entering of the castle lord (Kato Sadayasu) in 1617 will greet visitors. The welcoming of the flag-waving and the gunpowder squadrons will allow guests to immerse themselves in the role of a shadow warrior supporting the castle lord. In addition, guests will be treated to a refined breakfast in a warlord manner at the “Garyu Sanso”, an important cultural property.
The services include:
  • Private accommodation at Ozu Castle
  • “1617 Kato Sadayasu welcoming reception ceremony” (Kimono and armour rental, gunpowder and flag-waiving squadrons’ reception, horse parade, etc)
  • Traditional performing arts (kagura or ukai)
  • Dinner
  • Moon viewing experience
  • Early Morning Charter transfer to “Garyu Sanso” / Kyoo style (ancient warlord style banquet) breakfast
  • Transfers to/from Matsuyama Airport / JR Station
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