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Begnas Lake Camp Trip

“Where waking up to the serenity of the Lake and beauty of the Himalayas is not a luxury but an everyday thing.”

Begnas Lake Camp Trip is a delightful retreat comprising of the incredible beauty of Begnas Lake, spectacular Himalayan range and the picturesque mid hill villages. Begnas, the second largest lake of Kaski district, after Phewa in western Nepal, is about 10 km southeast of Pokhara city. Surrounded by the refreshing forested area, panoramic Himalayan ranges towards the east and north, and beautiful terraced villages; the Lake is the epitome of serenity and unspoilt beauty. Despite being very near to Phewa Lake, a tourist mecca of Nepal, the lake has the unmistakable quietude of wilderness and liveliness of agrarian communities in the surrounding area. Begnas Lake Camp Trip offers this exceptional experience of wilderness and civilization while staying in the luxury camps overlooking the Lake and its wide spread natural surroundings.

Located on a private hilltop towards the west of the lake facing the east, the camps are next to the wilderness, yet at the same time close to the typical organic life of hill villages. However, the trip is not just limited to staying in the tents and being a bystander. The visitors will get ample opportunities to explore the lake’s preserved ecosystem including the rare species of birds and butterflies, neighboring villages while savoring the beauty of Himalayas from exclusive viewpoints. All in all, Begnas Lake Camp Trip is the perfect blend of a Himalayan holiday in comfort and style. [Note: The tented camps are under construction and will be ready for the operation from coming Autumn]
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