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Asia World Thailand

*New Update : Updated Tariffs for Phuket, Krabi and Hua Hin

Asia World would like to inform all our agents that we have updated our Phuket, Krabi and Hua Hin "Transfer and Sightseeing" tariffs. Agents may now download the updated tariffs online or contact our reservations team for copies.

*New Update : Opening of Patom Organic Village at Sampran Riverside Postponed

The closure of the cultural Thai village at Sampran Riverside gave way to the development of the Patom Organic Village which was supposed to open after the new year. Due to unforeseen circumstances, the opening is now moved to March 2019. Kindly contact our reservations if your bookings are affected.

*New Update : Vespa Tours in Chiang Mai

Asia World introduces Vespa Tours in Chiang Mai. These new set of tours allow guests to explore places in Chiang Mai on a trendy Vespa motorbike, with a dedicated driver, giving them a whole new perspective and experience. Please contact our reservations team for rates and bookings.

*New Update : Bangkok Air Pollution

Thailand’s Pollution Control Department announced that air quality in the capital, Bangkok, has improved to a safe level. Even with this recent development, authorities say they will continue to implement measures to further alleviate the current air quality. Asia World will continue to monitor the situation and provide necessary updates.

Maya Bay Rehabilitation

AThailand’s Department of National Parks has announced the indefinite closure of Maya Bay due to the prevailing ecological effects of mass tourism.
Maya Bay was supposed to reopen on October 1st after four months of closure but after careful evaluation, it is evident that its ecosystem has not recovered to a decent level. The indefinite closure is implemented to give way to further rehabilitation until its ecosystem normalizes.

Hotel Prepayment Policy During High Season

Asia World would like to inform all our agents that during high season, 20 Nov 2018 - 20 Feb 2019, our reservations team will be asking for prepayments that would correspond to the hotel’s prepayment conditions. Please note that this policy is implemented by the hotels in order to secure the bookings.

Elephant Nature Park Itinerary Update

As part of the continuing efforts to promote a more sustainable and natural environment for the elephants at Elephant Nature Park, bathing with the elephants will no longer be part of the program. Instead, guests will only view them bathe from the viewing platform by the river bank. Feeding, meeting the herd and the rest of the activities in the previous itinerary remain unchanged.

Asia World Overseas Banks

Asia World has closed our bank accounts in the UK, Germany and USA. This is because very few of our overseas partners were using these banks for their payments to Asia World. As such, please be informed that we no longer accept any payments sent to these accounts. From here on, all payments must be directly made to our Bangkok head office bank account.

Instructions for Guests Arriving at Suvarnabhumi Airport

Suvarnabhumi Airport is a single terminal airport with three entrances from the secure area into the public arrival halls. Domestic arrivals will enter through Gate A. International arrivals will enter through Gate B or C. The Asia World Enterprise representative will be waiting at the appropriate area at exit door number 1 (for Domestic arrivals) and exit door number 6 (for International arrivals). In case guests do not see our representative, kindly have them proceed at the ATTA desk located at exit door number1 (for domestic arrivals), and exit door number 6 and 10 (for international arrivals).