Thailand is a safe and wonderful destination but there are a few cautions which we would like to share with you.


  • These areas can be dangerous and great care should be exercised at all times
  • Be careful to keep your drink with you if you do decide to drink at a red-light district. In some places it has been known for customers to have their drinks ‘spiked’.
  • Taking a stranger back to your room is strongly advised against. It is easy for tourists to be drugged or robbed.
  • Prostitutes free-lancing on the streets are dangerous, as there is no way of tracing them and they are not subject to regular health checks.
  • Check your bar bills carefully and make sure you know what the drink prices are.
  • There are Tourist Police centres close to night-life areas. Please speak to the tourist police if you have any problems which can not be easily solved.
  • It is not a good idea to carry passports, too much money or a lot of jewellery to these areas.
  • If there is a dispute in a bar or on the street, do not get physically involved. Go straight to the tourist police.


Because tropical weather in Thailand, alcohol can affect people much more intensely. Dehydration is a big risk, so please moderate your alcohol intake and drink plenty of water.


It is strongly advised against taking a motorcycle taxi as these are very dangerous. The quality of the riders, the lack of safety helmets for the passenger and the poor driving skills o other road users, make this a very risky way of getting around.


Using or dealing in any form of narcotic drug in Thailand is punishable by the death sentence or life in prison. There are many foreigners in Thai prisons, who have not heeded this warning about the zero tolerance policy of the Thai authorities.


There is an upsurge in tourists trying to get a free holiday by pretending to have personal items stolen during their holiday. This is a serious matter in Thailand and the police will check very carefully believing this to be a slur on their country. You will be imprisoned if you make a bogus claim.


  • Renting motorcycles is a risk in that the road conditions are dangerous, road signs are in Thai and most road users are not sufficiently trained. Many tourists are killed or injured on the Thai roads every year.
  • Renting Jeeps is also not advised because of the above reasons and also because of the minimal insurance coverage offered.
  • Be careful with renting Jet Skis. They are fun but if there is any damage the owners will expect you to pay for the damages in cash due to the lack of insurance.


Thailand is one of the safest countries in the world with very low rates of personal crime. However, it is a good idea to keep passports / tickets at your hotel and avoid carrying large amounts of money on your person. Tourist police can be contacted on 1155.