Thai Language


The Thai language is made up of 5 tones, so in effect a word sounding the same can have 5 different meanings. It is however not difficult to try to speak some simple common words and phrases, which should be understood by the locals. In Bangkok most people who work in restaurants and tourist attractions can speak some English and your Asia World guide can help if there are any real problems.

Below are a collection of useful words and phrases, which might help you during your time in Thailand – it will be fun trying also.

Note: Women should say Kaa at the end of any sentence and Men should say Khrap



Good Day / Hello = Sawasdee Khrap/Kaa
My name is… = Chan(female) / Pom(male) Shue…
Thank You = Khup Khun Khrap/Kaa
How much is it ? = La-Ka-Towrai?
That’s too expensive = Pang-Maak
It’s Delicious = Aloy-Maak
Is it Spicy? = Pet-Mai ?
Where is the __ hotel ? = Long-Laam __ Tee-Nai?
I feel sick = Chan(female) / Pom(male) Mai-Sabai
I feel fine = Sabai-Dee
I am hungry = Chan(female) / Pom(male) Huew-Maak
Where is the toilet? = Hong-Naam-U-Tee-Nai ?
Yes / No = Chai / Mai-Chai
I do not understand = Mai-Khaow-Jai
Can you help me? = Choi-Noi-Dai-Mai ?
Today / Tomorrow = Wan-Nee / Prung-Nee
Turn left / Turn right = Lio-Sai / Lio-Kwaa
What time is it ? = Kee-Mong-Laew ?


One = Nung
Two = Song
Three = Sam
Four = Si
Five = Haa
Six = Hok
Seven = Jet
Eight = Baet
Nine = Gow
Ten = Sip
Eleven = Sip-et
Twelve = Sip-song
Thirteen = Sip-sam
Twenty = Yii-sip
Twenty one = Yii-sip-et
Thirty = Sam-sip
Forty = Si-sip
Fifty = Haa-sip
One hundred = Nung loy
Five Hundred = Haa-loy
One thousand = Nung Pan
Five Thousand = Haa-pan
Ten thousand = Nung Muun
One hundred thousand = Nung Sen
One million = Nung Laan