Practical Information



Foreign currency and US Dollar traveler’s check can be exchanged for local currency at your hotel, banks and moneychangers. In general, you will get the best rate of exchange at banks and authorized money-changers, however the convenience of changing money in your hotel may be worth the slight loss.


Unlike a few years ago, most taxicabs in Thailand are now metered and they are still relatively inexpensive by Western standards. Meter taxis cruise through the streets and have to be waved down when the “For Hire” sign is lit, but make sure the driver switches on the meter. Tuk-Tuk is the 3-wheeled open-air taxi that is popular for short journeys within the city. Tuk-Tuk fares must be negotiated with the driver, who probably will not speak much English, so keep your hotel name-card with you to show the driver, on your return journey. Do not ride on motorcycle taxis – they are very dangerous.


The voltage in Thailand is 220 volt AC, 50 cycles. An adaptor is required