Festivals and Events in Thailand


The following is a summary of the major events and festivals during Thailand’s calendar year. These events are often spectacular occasions and can be great fun for tourists to visit, but they do also often result in hotels and becoming fully booked and some businesses close during these occasions, so these dates are worth bearing in mind when planning any holiday in Thailand.


New Year’s Day - 2 January 2017 (Public Holiday)
The beginning of the western New Year is a national holiday in Thailand, one of three “new year” holidays celebrated every year.

Special holiday - 3 January 2017 (Public Holiday)


Makha Bucha - 13 February 2016 (Public Holiday)
Makha Bucha celebrates the Buddha’s first sermon in to his discip

APRIL 2017

Chakri Day - 6 April 2017 (Public Holiday)
Chakri Day commemorates the founding of the current dynasty by its first king, Rama I.

Songkran Festival Day - 13-16 April 2017 (Public Holidays)
Songkran is the traditional Thai New Year, generally celebrated as a water festival. Be prepared to get wet all over as revellers abound, ready to soak you as a form of celebrating this season!

MAY 2017

National Labour Day - 1 May 2017 (Public Holiday)
International Labour Day is also celebrated as a national holiday, even though there isn’t much ado about it. Some businesses may be closed.

Coronation Day - 5 May 2017 (Public Holiday)
Celebrates the day when the current King Rama IX was crowned in 1949.

Wisakha Bucha Day - 10 May 2016 (Public Holiday)
The holiest Buddhist holiday celebrates the birth, enlightenment and entry into nirvana of the Buddha

JULY 2017

Asarnha Bucha Day (Substitution for Asarnha Bucha Day) - 10 July 2017 (Public Holidays)
Celebrating the Buddha’s first sermon in which he set out to his five former associates the doctrine that had come to him following his enlightenment.


H.M. The Queen’s Birthday (Substitution for H.M. The Queen’s Birthday ) - 14 August 2017 (Public Holiday)
Her Majesty the Queen’s birthday is a national holiday, also serving as the country’s Mothers’ Day.


Chulalongkorn Memorial Day - 23 October 2016 (Public Holiday)
Celebration of the death anniversary of Thailand’s one of the most revered kings, Rama V.


H.M. The King’s Birthday - 5 December 2017 (Public Holiday)
His Majesty the King’s birthday is celebrated throughout the country, also serving as the country’s Fathers’ Day.

Constitution Day (Substitution for Constitution Day) - 11 December 2017 (Public Holiday)
Celebrates the date in 1932 when the country was granted its first constitution.

New Years’ Eve - 31 December 2017 (Public Holiday)
The day before the Western New Year day is always marked a national holiday