Practical Information

Chinese monetary unit is YUAN, which also has the other name REN MIN BI (which means the people’s currency, short form as RMB). The current exchange rate against the US Dollar is: US$1 = 6.74 Yuan (this fluctuates).
Foreign currency can be exchanged for local currency at your hotel, banks and licensed moneychangers. Usually you will get the same rate of exchange at the mentioned places, but only at the licensed moneychangers an extra service charge will happen. Each time you exchange currency you will be issued a Receipt of Exchange. Please retain your receipts as any excess RMB you may be holding at the end of your visit cannot be exchanged without your receipts.
Please note that exchanging money on the black market is a criminal offense. Please therefore use only hotels, banks or licensed moneychangers.
Taxis are available in all major Chinese cities. Passengers can hire taxis at hotels, train stations & airports. Unless otherwise specified taxis SHOULD BE METERED IN ALL MAJOR CITIES. Taxis are relatively inexpensive & drivers are courteous. It is advisable to have your guide or the hotel concierge write out the destination (in Chinese and English) and any other instructions you may have for the driver.
Please be sure to carry a hotel name card with you (in Chinese & English) to show to the taxi driver for your return to the hotel.
The electric current in China is 220 Volts / 50 Cycles. Adapters are available at the service counter of the hotels. Most hotels bathrooms have a 110 volts. flat pin (US style) outlet for electric shavers.