Food & Drink

China has many distinct regional styles of cooking.
Sichuan/ Hunan:
Noted for piquant, zesty dishes. Chili peppers & garlic are two staple ingredients flavoring most dishes.
The Yangzi River Valley’s close proximity to the East China Sea enhances its reputation as China’s most important areas for seafood preparation. Sweet saucy dishes are the most distinctive feature of Hu cooking. Dumplings are considered a specialty.
North China:
Peking (Beijing) Roast Duck is perhaps the most well known dish distinctive of the north.
Cantonese or Yue cuisine originates from Guangdong Province (Southeast China around Hong Kong), and it is the most widely served style of Chinese cuisine in the world. What distinguishes Cantonese food is lightly cooked fresh vegetables and meat, and sweet sauces. Stir frying and steaming are the two most common cooking methods. Authentic Cantonese food goals to preserve the food's original flavor.