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Managing Director's Blog, October 2017

Welcome to the October edition of our Asia World Newsletter.

Later in October there will be the official Cremation Ceremony for our former King, Bhumibol Adulyadej, at the Grand Palace in Bangkok. Due to the huge numbers of people wishing to pay respects the Grand Palace will be closed from 1-29 October...

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Managing Director's Blog, September 2017

Welcome to the September edition of our Asia World Newsletter.

I recently sampled a new touring product which is a Self-Drive Tuk-Tuk tour in Chiang Mai. This is a unique, safely run, one-day experience, which includes white water rafting and a temple visit...

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Managing Director's Blog, August 2017

Welcome to the August edition of our Asia World newsletter.

Recently I took a drive from Bangkok across Eastern Thailand to Siem Reap in Cambodia. The whole journey was around 8 hours and included visits to ancient Khmer temples along the way. Asia World will be promoting...

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Managing Director's Blog, July 2017

Welcome to the July edition of our Asia World newsletter.

It was good to meet so many good friends and partners at last month’s TTM (Thailand Travel Mart) in Chiang Mai. The news, hot off the press, is that the 2018 TTM will be held in Pattaya during June next year.

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